3 horn swing charts3-Horn Swing Jazz Charts for Sale

Swing jazz arrangements for a 6-piece band with three horns, written by Henry Francis and currently used by The Swing Legacy, are for sale at $25 each for 1-4 charts, and $20 each for 5-21 charts. For more than 21 charts, see the price table — the unit price steadily decreases, the more charts you buy. Several different payment options are available.

These original idiomatic 3-horn swing jazz charts for 6 pieces (trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, piano, bass, drums) produce a very full sound, simulating a big band, and make the group sound larger than six pieces. The charts also maintain a high level of musical excitement throughout each number, especially by providing written instrumental backing behind most of the improvised jazz solos.

Here is a table listing the arrangements with individual details.

You can listen to audio samples from some of the charts. In addition, there are digital recordings of about 80 charts (ask for list), which are available as MP3 files. Alternatively, each chart can be formatted as a MIDI file.

We welcome inquiries (henryATswinglegacy.com or 781-259-9007) about any of the charts before buying, as well as any questions after delivery.

Swing jazz charts for sale

Testimonials and Excerpts from CD reviews.

Their original arrangements create a much larger sound than the number of players would imply. The instrumental background to most of the jazz solos gives great depth — a truly BIG small-band sound.
— Ted Belastock, Quarter Notes, September 2001

The "Victory Six" band has been playing four of your arrangements so far, and they sound spectacular! I feel that they are the best arrangements in our book. The rest of the band loves them too.
— Jay Hagen, New Orleans, LA

The sound is much fuller than the lineup suggests because of the arrangements of leader/pianist Henry Francis, who has clearly studied his craft well.
— Shaun Dale, JazzReview.com

The charts function very well. I've used them on several different gigs, and the response is overwhelming. Good job!
— Bjarte Mortensen, Tromso, Norway

The charts you sent yesterday sound really good. I've been checking them at rehearsal. Well done!
— Enric Peidro, Valencia, Spain

We are really enjoying the charts we purchased last year. These arrangements work very well with our 7-piece band. I would like to order several more. Thank you again.
— Jeff and Cathy Reitz, Eau Claire, WI

The Swing Legacy is a six-piece jump band featuring well-conceived arrangements by leader and piano player Henry thins Francis, which make the band sound much bigger than they are, a lot like the John Kirby Sextet of 1938-41.
— Dave Nathan, All Music Guide (on the Internet)

Its leader, Henry “thins” Francis, has provided the band with arrangements to make the group sound much larger than it is.
— Russ Chase, IAJRC (International Association of Jazz Record Collectors) Journal, Winter 2000

Henry Francis is a fine arranger — someone who voices a sextet as they did in the old days, so that it summons up a much larger band.
— Michael Steinman, Cadence Magazine, August 2007

Some Details about the Charts

Six parts will be provided: trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, piano, bass, and drums. Both sax parts often switch to clarinet (of course, the clarinet parts can also be played on soprano sax). Piano and bass are usually written on one part.

All scores and parts are in the form of Finale files. Finale is a widely used music notation and publishing software program from MakeMusic. It’s powerful, endlessly flexible, and highly recommended. MakeMusic also offers several simpler and less expensive programs. Sibelius, another popular music notation application, can import Finale files via the MusicXML format, although it does not always convert them totally accurately.

The arrangements are available either as Finale files of the score (4 staves), or as PDF files of the parts. If you have Finale (or an equivalent program), you can extract the parts from the Finale score file, and then print them in your own preferred layout format. Finale files can be sent as e-mail attachments.

Transposition of any of the three horn parts to another instrument is an easy task with Finale (or any of the other MakeMusic programs). For example, the tenor sax part could be transposed to trombone. Or, the tenor sax part could be transposed to baritone sax, which would give a more robust bottom to the ensemble, as well as a more Ellingtonian sound.

All these arrangements are copyrighted by Henry Francis.

Here’s some more information about the charts, which you should read carefully before ordering.

And here’s an illustrative sample of a part:

3 horn swing charts for sale